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LIFE Center

update date : 2018-02-26

Center of Living Innovative Facilitates for Elders

Mission Statement:
Our center focused on developing assistive device by combing professional knowledge from human factors engineering, product design, service innovation, and consumer behavior. We cooperate with other facilities such as Chang Gung University Medical Design Center , Chang Gung Health and Culture Village , Chang Gung Memorial Hospital , Chang Gung University Department of Industrial Design , Chang Gung University of Science and Technology Department of Eldercare and Research Center for Welfare Engineering . Center's core competence include: elderly assistive device (hearing aids, mobility aids, rehabilitation aids) product development and design , 3D prototype design , human factors hazards prevention and control technology.
Center Facilities
Center is equipped with hardware and software used in human factors engineering, human body measurement, 2D/3D product design. Other machinery includes Rachel machine, polishing machine, CNC processing machines.


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