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CIS Center

update date : 2018-02-26

Center of Innovative Service

Mission Statement:
The center is oriented around Industry Value Chain, use creative services design as core. Our center aggregate expertise from information technology, design, marketing, production, quality control, measurement, services, promotion etc. Project team is formed based on the nature of the project to provide a Total Solution innovative service. Core competence of the center include: user-oriented product design, online marketing, big data econometric analysis, patent analysis and layout, product design, production simulation and improvement, quality management, process improvement services, digital materials development, micro-film production, logo and label design.
Center Facilities
Production simulation software , forecasting software , statistics and measurement software , quality management-related hardware and software , patent analysis software , film/photography studio , flipped classroom , industry-related databases , electronic journals, and other multimedia-related hardware and software .



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