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The College of Management and Design

update date : 2021-07-29


The college, bearing the school founding concept from its founder Mr. WANG Yung-Ching that “we only make the best”, through the system of requiring all bachelor program students to reside in the school and engage in a one-year practice, by following the school discipline of “being diligent and trustworthy”, aims at forming a sound personality, humanity spirit, prominent professionalism, pursuit of truth, and optimistic attitude for the students.


Focusing on the value chain structure involving the processes of enterprise internal management, design, produce, deliver and marketing, the college is established for supporting technology and economic development of Taiwan by providing necessary expertise with the capabilities of system planning and design through practice-oriented teaching, research and the cooperation with enterprises. The college contains four departments: Industrial Engineering and Management, Business and Management, Industrial Design, and Visual Communication Design. Each of the four departments provides both bachelor and master programs. The objectives of the college are:

 Emphasize humanity education for helping students develop a correct attitude.

● Support practice-oriented curriculum for bridging students and enterprises.

 Promote multi-disciplinary learning for cultivating students with teamwork concept.


The College of Management and Design includes two different disciplines: management and design. These two human-centered disciplines are integrated based on the value chain structure. Incorporated the six major management mechanisms (operation, production, materials and supplies, finance, personnel and engineering) of the Formosa Plastics Group, we design a rational, systematic and computerized teaching platform which is applied to design procedures and enterprise procedures of relevant management and product design. The foundation of the integration of management and design, and the balancing of theory and practice are established by practice-oriented education and the mutual cooperation of professors for fostering middle to high level professional managerial and design specialist for the needs of Taiwan's development. Our teaching plan is based on the needs of students and industry development where adjunct professors with management and industry experiences are invited to enable students to understand actual operation and problems derived from enterprises. Moreover, each of the four departments enhances computer-related courses and emphasizes practical projects. In past years, students have performed excellently in domestic and foreign practical projects and product design competitions. We work with enterprises as education partners for industry and school cooperation and project study. The results are collected and incorporated into teaching materials, helping teachers as well as students to better understand current industry situations and management/design practice.

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